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S.A KADIRI engineering Ltd provides quality and sustainable project; we ensure putting the client first by long-term lifespan and developing a long-lasting relationship with our clients.

We carry out our survey and use the best technology and sustainable materials that do not negatively affect the environment to achieve our client request. We also provide consultation for different projects. Our company focus on various construction that includes swimming pool construction, borehole drilling, metal fabrication, and most importantly, the company’s primary focus is bathroom projects with 35years of experience. We ensure our clients will get the best quality.


Construction Categories


Swimming Pool

We build quality and luxury swimming pools for our clients and offer maintenance services. We provide different design for our client.



We do both industrial and domestic borehole drilling. Our team carry out extensive survey of the area to garantee optimal yield and good water quality taste.

installation of Braithwaite water storage tank in progress

Metal Fabrication

Metal fabrication is a big part of the company. We do all welding works, focusing on water reserve tank, surface tank, overhead tank and brathwaite tank.