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This is the main focus of the company, we have been doing plumbing works for over 30 years. S.A Kadiri Engineering offers all kinds of plumbing services, the company is known for its integrity. We make sure we deliver the best service and give the best consultation to our clients. We ensure we use the best quality and sustainable materials for our clients from our partners abroad, Italy, Turkey, and Germany. Some clients may want materials already available in Nigeria. Our goal is to give our clients the best service. We do plumbing maintenance and Engine room maintenance for our clients, we use specialized and current material for example Y bend for sewage dropline and current technology for plumbing and irrigation services. We are the only plumbing experts who offer our clients a three-year guarantee for all plumbing works we do.

Variable speed vertical booster pump completely installed

Plumbing Categories

contenarized water treatment plant.

Water Projects

We provide water treatment and build water treatment plant like domestic and industrial water treatment plant, water transfer boaters and boilers


Septic Tank

The company do a lot of plumbing works and septic tank is one of it, we design and build standards and sustainable septic tank


Bathroom Projects

S.A. Kadiri Engineering main project is bathroom construction, we have more than 35years work experience in building the bathroom of your dreams

Double cell 400mm diameter each installed

Mechanical Service Infrastructure

Quality mechanical service infrastructure for building construction, our team help in infrastructure like drainage, storm central water, sewage central water collection or disposal, central gas system


Ducts & Kitchen

Providing a mechanical service duct for our plumbing works to help with disposal of soli and water waste, storm and also make maintenance work easy