Water Projects

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Water project

The company focus is on water.

We provide water treatment and build water treatment plant like domestic and industrial water treatment plant, water transfer boaters and boilers. We do water testing for our clients, test for bacteria, Alkalinity, free from bromine, PH level, Chlorine and Total Hardness. We do testing for Estate and bottle and sachet water factory. We make use of other water treatment like hydrogen water generation.


106,000lit per hour Industrial Automated water treatment plant

Water treatment projects

Providing professional Services

Landscaping and Irrigation

S.A. Kadiri Engineering works with irrigation system, landscaping and drainage. In addition, we install Automated sprinklers for personal home use and agriculture use. Also, we provide the best service and quality sprinklers, ensuring we meet our client’s needs.

Engine Room

We construct Engine room for water treatment and supply, to be able to provide clean water to homes for all kinds of use and consumptions. We use a standard machine to ensure clean water is always available.